About the program 

  • We create safer routes.
  • We reduce traffic.
  • We explain the benefits of walking to school to children.
  • We support children’s self-reliance on their way to school.
  • We help schools to create healthy environment for children in their vicinity. 

Children need exerciseso let them have it.

Children are among the most vulnerable participants of city trafficThat is why the areas around schools, where they walk most often, should be easy to understand and arranged so that children can walk to school by themselves without causing worry to their parentsWe join forces with schools to seek safer traffic solutions. 

Children deserve that we listen to their wishes. 

We facilitate communication between children, parents, and the school on the one hand, and the authorities on the otherWe help children to get actively involved in designing the space they live in. 

Children want to be self-reliantso let’s support them. 

We help schools to form a School Mobility Plan and set up rules that make children happy to walk, cycle or ride the scooter to school. We try to eliminate one of the most widespread reasons why parents drive their children to school – concerns about their safety. 

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