Walk the City 2023 Conference

All recordings of the conference presentations are now available in English.

THURSDAY October 12

Mike Lydon, Stefano Ragazzo, Petra Marko and more…

FRIDAY October 13

Janette Sadik-Khan, Simon Battisti, Alice Ferguson and more…

THURSDAY October 12


MUDr. Zdeněk Hřib, I. Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague for the area of transportation
doc. Ing. arch. Petr Hlaváček, Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague for the area of territorial development
Mgr. Petra Syrová, Chairwoman of the organization Pěšky městem, z. s.


MIKE LYDON – Short-term actions to long-term changes not only in New York

Internationally renowned author and urban planner Mike Lydon will present the basic principles of tactical urbanism and share his experience with projects that are transforming cities in the US.

PETRA MARKO – The role and value of public space

Public space is all around us and vast majority in cities is made up of streets. How can placemaking principles help us transform the legacy of 20th Century planning from car-centric to people-oriented places? What is the role of design, strategic policies, political leadership as well as bottom-up initiatives in this process? The talk by Petra Marko, author of the book Meanwhile City and co-founder of the Marko&Placemakers urban design studio, will unpick the transformational value of public space design to change perception of places, activate communities and engage citizens in growing relationship to their environment.

.STEFANO RAGAZZO – Piazze Aperte: a public space program for Milan

“Piazze Aperte” is the tactical urbanism program of Milan. It aims to enhance public space as a meeting place, to expand pedestrian areas and to promote sustainable forms of mobility. Where was the idea of opening Milan’s squares born and what is behind this successful project? Stefano Ragazzo from the Agency for Mobility, Environment and Territory of the City of Milan will talk about the transformation of this Italian city.


Mike Lydon, Petra Marko, Stefano Ragazzo and Zdeněk Hřib are answering questions from the audience under the great moderation of Roman Meliška.


PETR NÁVRAT – Everything you wanted to know about participation and weren’t afraid to ask

Petr Návrat, head of the ONplan consultancy and author of the Manual of Participation in City Planning, will present what good participation means. What role does political decision-making play and what is actually good to discuss?

DANIEL BRÝDL – Temporary and permanent transformations of the city of Litomyšl from the point of view of the “Mayor the Walker”

Daniel Brýdl has earned the nickname “Mayor the Walker” in the city of Litomyšl. He will talk about how he is developing his city and how he is gradually spreading his enthusiasm for walking among the citizens of Litomyšl.

PETR ONDRÁČEK – About the changes of parking policy and greening of the city of Třebíč

City architect Petr Ondráček will share his experience with the greening of the city and the bold changes in parking policy that the city has recently introduced.

JAKUB ZUZULA – The transformation of Mariánské náměstí – a temporary regime in the city?

Mariánské náměstí is a place in the centre of Prague that is lined with important organisations – the National Library, the Municipal Library of Prague, the Prague City Gallery, the Prague City Hall and the Clam-Gallas Palace. For many decades, however, the square was unfortunately used as a parking lot. In 2018, it was decided that instead of waiting for years for permits and construction works to be planned at the site, it could be transformed into a place for gathering and cultural activities almost immediately with simple, relatively inexpensive and quick interventions. A few months of preparation, one quick transformation day, and a “temporary regime” that has been in place for 4 years. These were presented by architect Jakub Zuzula from IPR Prague.



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